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Two way mirror technology and application

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There are many kinds of two way mirror processes, and there are two common processes: color two way mirror and plating two way mirror.

The advantage of color two way mirror is not easy to fade, color diversification, you can choose their own color configuration, color uniform.The disadvantage is that it is difficult to match the color. Non-professional cognition is difficult to match the appropriate color according to the sample, and it is almost impossible to match the same two way mirror.The unit price is higher than that of a normal two way mirror.

Two Way Mirror

The advantages of electroplated two way mirror are wide range of use, flexibility and diversity.The disadvantage is that it is relatively easy to be oxidized in the outdoor wet place without treatment, and the color type is less, usually silver and tawdry.Vacuum plated two way mirror is often called "magic mirror".

Goodsense two way mirror

Two way mirror have been widely used in surveillance systems such as shops, correctional institutions, psychiatric hospitals, hospitals and casinos.

two way mirror application

Two way mirror are also used in light and shadow art (e.g., abyss lamps, tunnel lamps, etc.).

two way mirror application

It can also be used for advertising, point of sale displays, toys and special theatrical props and effects.

acrylic mirror

two way mirror cleaning only need to use a soft cloth dipped in glass water gently wipe can remember not to wipe with alcohol, because alcohol is a strong organic solvent, wipe with alcohol will dissolve the coating, destroy the coating.

Goodsense can produce the transmittance of 5-50% acrylic two way mirror, degree error in ±3%, its standard is far larger than most manufacturers.

Goodsense produced acrylic two way mirror, is the industry's rare thickness can do 5-8mm acrylic mirror plate manufacturers.General specification: 1220*2440mm (other sizes can be customized).

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