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What’s the difference between Acrylic Single Side Mirror, Double Side Mirror and Two Way Mirror?

Mirror, a polished or smooth surface that forms images by reflection. Mirror Timeline: bronze mirror → glass mirror → Acrylic Mirror(plexiglass mirror) & Mirrors with different functions to meet different applications. Today we’ll introduce 3 types of acrylic mirror: single side mirror, double side

Acrylic mirror decoration.

Acrylic mirror actually refer to the general term for PMMA material plate after electroplating. Generally can be divided into: single-sided mirror, double-sided mirror, paint back mirror,adhesive mirror and two way mirror.Its appearance and function are similar to those of glass mirrorsAcrylic mirro

Acrylic mirror screen printing

Acrylic mirrors can be processed into all kinds of acrylic products, such as handicrafts, advertising characters, light boxes and so on. We often see signs in our lives. Various patterns and words will be printed on acrylic mirror signs or handicrafts. So how are these words and patterns printed?

The advantage and disadvantage of acrylic mirror wall sticker

With the wide application of acrylic mirror products in the market, acrylic mirrors are also favored by more and more designers. So some people will consider whether it is good to use acrylic mirror ornaments for interior decoration?

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