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The advantage and disadvantage of acrylic mirror wall sticker

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With the wide application of acrylic mirror products in the market, acrylic mirrors are also favored by more and more designers. So some people will consider whether it is good to use acrylic mirror ornaments for interior decoration?

acrylic mirror wall sticker

A. Advantages: The appearance is high gloss, bright color, exquisite font, many shapes, good light guide, crystal clear under light, rich and luxurious. Special color saturation and excellent gloss are crystal clear in the sun, giving a shining feeling

B. Disadvantages: not abrasion-resistant, the surface is easy to scratch. If it falls off and breaks easily, it is difficult to clean the wall

acrylic mirror wall sticker

2. Removal method of acrylic mirror wall sticker

A. Method for removing latex paint on wall and wall sticker. First use a hair dryer to properly heat the wall(Generally heated to about forty degrees). Try to rip off the corner of the wall sticker. If you find that the back of the wall sticker is not degummed, you can slowly tear it off. Basically all wall stickers can be removed with this method. Even if there are a small amount of traces, you can slowly remove it with a knife.


B. Remove glass and other wall stickers that are not easy to damage the wall. In addition to using method A to remove the wall stickers, you can tear it off directly with your hands. If there are residual marks, you can use alcohol, detergent, gasoline, etc. to remove.

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