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Note the use of acrylic mirrors

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1. Pay attention to preventing damage when cleaning acrylic lenses

Acrylic Mirror with the use of the increasing, there will be a layer of ash on the mirror surface, some people directly use dry towel to wipe, some people go to the bathroom directly with hard towel to wipe, actually that will be very easy to scratch the electroplating layer of acrylic lens, Usually we use soapy water, if there are conditions can give 1% soapy water, then use soft towel to wipe of dipped in soapy water, so you can wipe clean, and not easy to scratch the lens, kill two birds with one stone.

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2. Acrylic Mirrors are prohibited under high temperature

Acrylic Mirror is a kind of organic compound from plastic, plastic are afraid of high temperature, a lot of plastic under high temperature can be molded, so So acrylic lenses in the high temperature can not be used, the acrylic lenses try not to use in high temperature circumstances, If the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Celsius, acrylic lenses will be partially damaged.

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3. Acrylic lenses cannot be stored together with organic materials

Acrylic lens is actually a plastic, is a kind of organic matter organic substance and organic matter stored together, there will be similar compatible principle, so acrylic lens can not be stored together with other organic solvents, can not contact organic solvents

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4. When storing acrylic mirrors, pay attention to keep part of the gap

The reason mainly is also with acrylic mirror features, the acrylic mirror sheet or acrylic board when heated or due to there will be part of the heat bilges cold shrink, this with its own characteristics of organic matter, according to the change of climate, acrylic lenses there will be slight change, this time will need to deposit in acrylic lenses to leave gaps.

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