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Acrylic mirror decoration.

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Acrylic mirror actually refer to the general term for PMMA material plate after electroplating. Generally can be divided into: single-sided mirror, double-sided mirror, paint back mirroradhesive mirror and two way mirror.Its appearance and function are similar to those of glass mirrors

Acrylic mirror its manufacturing process is simple, low cost, mass production, and moreover lightweight, inexpensive, easy to shape and variety of colors, the majority of the audience favorite.

Acrylic mirror decoration

Acrylic mirror has good processing performance and is easy to process and shape. Unlike traditional glass mirrors, acrylic mirrors can be laser cut into various shapes, and you can customize the shape you want according to your needs.

Acrylic mirror decoration

Acrylic has good transparency, rich colors and crystal-like texture, and is known as "crystal" furniture. Outstandingly highlights the fashion and avant-garde that personalized furniture wants to show. And its exquisite and translucent appearance will also give people a refreshing and special texture.

Acrylic mirror decorationAcrylic mirror decoration

Acrylic mirror can be made as a logo display.

Acrylic mirrors can be carved with patterns you like according to your own preferences, and used as decorative mirrors to place bookshelves, bookcases and walls, etc., to add a beautiful landscape to the house.

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