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Acrylic mirror screen printing

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Acrylic mirrors can be processed into all kinds of acrylic products, such as handicrafts, advertising characters, light boxes and so on. We often see signs in our lives. Various patterns and words will be printed on acrylic mirror signs or handicrafts. So how are these words and patterns printed?

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In order to better show the unique appearance of acrylic mirror products, many acrylic mirror products decorate the product appearance through silk screen printing, making the product appearance more unique and eye-catching.

Silkscreen printing, also called screen printing, is an ancient method of using ink through a stenciled mesh to create printed designs.

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The basic principle of screen printing is that the mesh of the graphic part of the screen printing plate penetrates the ink, and the non-graphic part of the mesh does not penetrate the ink. When printing, pour ink on one end of the screen printing plate, and use a squeegee to apply a certain pressure on the ink position on the screen printing plate while moving toward the other end of the screen printing plate.

The ink is squeezed from the mesh of the graphic part to the substrate by the squeegee while it is moving. Due to the viscosity of the ink, the imprint is fixed within a certain range. During the printing process, the squeegee is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and the substrate, and the contact line moves with the movement of the squeegee, due to the screen printing plate and the substrate. A certain gap is maintained between them, so that the screen printing plate during printing produces a reaction force against the squeegee through its own tension. This reaction force is called resilience.

Due to the effect of resilience, the screen printing plate and the substrate are only in mobile line contact, while other parts of the screen printing plate and the substrate are in a separated state. The ink and the screen are broken to ensure the printing dimensional accuracy and avoid smearing the substrate. When the squeegee is scraped across the entire layout, lift it up, and the screen printing plate is lifted at the same time, and the ink is gently scraped back to the initial position.

Acrylic mirror printing products will become more and more widespread.

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