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Acrylic Sheet Industry Demand Characteristics Forecast, Technology Development Trend

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Demand characteristics prediction, Technology development Trend and Downstream Application Structure Analysis of Acrylic Board Industry (attached report catalogue)


1. Analysis of industry Chain of Acrylic Sheet Industry
Acrylic Sheet is poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA) sheet, it is by "methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA)" polymerization. Methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) is the main raw material and upstream industry of acrylic sheet.


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Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is an important organic chemical raw materials, mainly for the production of poly-methyl methacrylate (PMMA), PVC processing iThe anti-erosion agent for acrylic copolymer (ACR), MBS and used as the second monomer acrylic fibers, and other fields, are widely used in automotive, construction, medical, electronic and electrical, textile, paint, and many other industries, has a very broad market space and development prospects.


Acrylic plate as the middle of the industry, the upstream raw materials production and processing into finished products and transport to the downstream industry. The downstream application of acrylic plate is very wide, the main application fields are building materials, advertising, lighting, industry, medical and so on.


Analysis on downstream application structure of acrylic sheet industry in 2019

acrylic sheet industry


Development trend forecast of the downstream industry of Acrylic sheet in China

(1) In recent years, environment friendly household products are popular, and environmental protection has become an issue that attracts people's attention, and this topic has also aroused consumers' attention to environmental protection household. When a lot of consumer are choosing these materials, what notice above all is environmental protection problem.

(2) Concise style. Not only the material of contracted style is simpler than other styles, and also be to be loved by broad masses greatly.


(3) Smart house. with the development of science and technology, intelligence has become what people are pursuing, and the promotion of smart phones in those days is similar, the furniture building materials industry also began to pay attention to the requirements of the public, involved in the research and development of smart home, bring convenience in the life of the public.


(4) Custom-made furniture. The size of the custom furniture market has grown rapidly in recent years. According to statistics, at the current growth rate, the custom furniture market will easily exceed 90 billion .


2. Acrylic Sheet Product Demand Characteristics Development Forecast


Organic glass (Acrylic sheet) applied in the construction industry, plastic glass (acrylic mirror sheet) is mainly used in the building lighting, transparent roof, ceiling, telephone booth, stairs and room wall guard board, etc. Sanitary ware has bathtub, washbasin, dressing table and other products. In recent years, the application of highway and road lighting lampshade and automobile lamps also develops very fast. Among them, the market of architectural day-lighting, bathtub, street advertisement light box and telephone booth grows fast, and the development space in the future is large, and the market prospect is very broad.


In recent years, with the construction of restaurant, hotel and residential in each area, architectural lighting body is developing rapidly in our country, using plastic glass (acrylic) acrylic extrusion plate made of a light body, with the overall structure of the high strength, light weight, high light transmittance, high safety performance special advantages, compared with inorganic glass mining light place, has great superiority. 


In sanitary ware, because organic glass (acrylic) bathtub has the appearance of luxury,  easy to clean, high quality, light weight and comfortable to use and other features, in recent years is widely used, the current domestic annual production of acrylic bathtub is about 1.5 million, annual consumption of PMMA Extruded Sheet or Cast Sheet is more than 5000 tons. With the improvement of building law in Our country, acrylic will be more competitive in more fields of application.


3. Acrylic Sheet Industry Development Trend Analysis


(1) Development trend of acrylic sheet industry

In the future, China's acrylic sheet industry has a good development prospect. With the continuous expansion of the market scale and the continuous strong demand of the downstream market, the industry's output and capacity will continue to increase, and the number and scale of enterprises are also gradually increasing. In the future, the industry will maintain a rapid development trend, and the overall quality of the industry will continue to improve.


Acrylic panel industry depends on the development of downstream industry, therefore,  We should have a better understanding of government and policy trends, otherwise it will bring huge barriers to new entrants. At the same time, the increase of market competition will prompt the government to introduce corresponding policies to promote the large-scale development of the acrylic sheet industry, which will bring certain challenges to some weak new entrants.


In addition, as a result of the original acrylic sheet manufacturers have carved up the market, in the industry to maintain a relatively stable state. New entrants inevitably affect that balance. In this regard, new entrants should be suppressed in terms of product price and publicity, etc., relying on the accumulated strength to force new entrants to reduce the profit of products, hoping to squeeze out the market.


(2) Acrylic sheet industry technology development trend

Acrylic products as equipment manufacturing industry must keep up with the pace of "Made in China 2025", keep pace with The Times, focus on increasing technical input, constantly improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and make great efforts in intelligent manufacturing to meet the development level of acrylic products in the world. So from the present, the future development of acrylic products to focus on the following three directions:


1) The development direction of acrylic products is firstly intelligent:


Traditional production methods of acrylic products will be changed. Conventional acrylic products, no matter from the processing function, precision or processing efficiency, cannot guarantee the production requirements of today's high-tech intelligent acrylic products. The development of intelligent door and window equipment suitable for the production of modern intelligent acrylic products is the need of the industry development of acrylic products at the present stage.


2) The trend of future development of acrylic products is from intelligent to assembly line:

Modern acrylic products will be highly intelligent, intensive and digital in the future. Through the central centralized control system, all production links of doors and Windows will be interconnected, covering human resources, material resources, storage, logistics, equipment and design. Through the addition of robots, the production line of acrylic products can be realized to achieve the "unmanned" production of acrylic products, which is the main direction of the development of acrylic products in the future.


3) The development of acrylic products should meet the personalized needs of customers:

The development of acrylic products should adapt to the personalized needs of customers and is a real mature sign. With the advent of the Internet + era, customers' personalized needs and personalized service solutions can be fully realized. Only through the Internet +, Windows and doors equipment can achieve the breakthrough of providing personalized solutions for customers, so as to win customers and market in the future. So as to force the technical revolution of equipment industry.

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