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The 125th Canton Fair from April 15-19, 2019

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The 125rd Canton Fair from April 15-19, 2019



Welcome to 125rd Canton Fair, Welcome to our booth from 15th to 

19th April . Our Booth No. is 10.2I33-36 J13-16.



Guangzhou Goodsense Decorative Building Materials Co., Ltd.

It has 18 advanced international technology production lines of aluminium core panel,aluminum honeycomb panel ,

CEP boards and aluminum composite panels ,which can produce two-meter width aluminum composite panel curtain wall, with an annual production

 capacity of 15 million square meters ACP, and 5 million square meters of Aluminum Core Composite Panel.

Exhibition Booth Number : 10.2I33-36 J13-16.

Date : April 15th-19th,2019

Contact : Mr. Blank

Products to be exhibited:

PVC Wall Panel

CEP Board

ACP Tiles

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