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Principle and performance of two way mirror

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 A Two way mirror is a special kind of mirror that passes through one half of light and reflects the other half.  It is generally coated with a splitter film, allowing some wavelengths of light through, some wavelengths of light reflection.In general, there are three colors of light RGB, one reflection and two projection, which can be changed according to technical requirements.For example, when there is light on the back of the lens, we can see the light or the objects on the back, when there is no light on the back of the mirror, it is an ordinary mirror, we can clearly see ourselves on the mirror and the things behind us.

 two way mirror can be divided into two types: organic and inorganic two way mirror.Organic two way mirror is usually made of transparent organic glass, acrylic two way mirror belongs to organic two way mirror.  Acrylic two way mirror toughness than glass, plasticity, more flexibility;Imaging such as normal mirror clear, a variety of colors to choose from.

Two Way MirrorTwo Way Mirror

Acrylic two way mirrorcan be divided into two types by performance classification: ordinary two way mirror and anti-oxidation two way mirror.Oxidation resistant two way mirror compared with ordinary two way mirror:

1. Under the condition of strong alkali, the oxidation resistant two way mirror surface has no obvious change, and the coating on the ordinary two way mirror surface has been dissolved.

Two Way Mirror

2. Under the condition of strong acid, the mirror of the anti-oxidation two way mirror has no obvious change, and the ordinary two way mirror has been oxidized.

Two Way Mirror

 3.Soak in water for 24 hours, the anti-oxidation two way mirror mirror is not damaged, while the surface of the ordinary two way mirror will be oxidized.

Two Way Mirror

two way mirror cleaning only need to use a soft cloth dipped in glass water gently wipe can remember not to wipe with alcohol, because alcohol is a strong organic solvent, wipe with alcohol will dissolve the coating, destroy the coating.

Goodsense can produce the transmittance of 5-50% acrylic two way mirror, degree error in ±3%, its standard is far larger than most manufacturers.

Goodsense produced acrylic two way mirror, is the industry's rare thickness can do 5-8mm acrylic mirror plate manufacturers.General specification: 1220*2440mm (other sizes can be customized).

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