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Acrylic mirror - advertising logo 02

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Acrylic mirror - advertising logo 02

Acrylic mirror logo


Aacrylic mirror advertising logo, simple design, can be a more comprehensive and clear expression of what you need to transfer your product information, guidance information, is to become the advertising logo industry top experts preferred material.


Acrylic as a quality signage production raw materials, the use of a very wide range, small to a variety of department card, door number, large to outdoor light box, propaganda panel has been applied, acrylic is also one of a variety of advertising word production materials, a variety of light words, three-dimensional words are also widely used as raw materials acrylic. A variety of color acrylic is even directly carved into a variety of signage signs. Avoid paint spraying and other surface coloring process.

Acrylic mirror logo


With the development of material technology, new acrylic materials are also emerging, such as the popular black and white plate acrylic. In the case of power supply at night, it appears a strong white color. When the power is cut off during the day, it is pure black. Give a person to give a fresh visual effect. There is no doubt that with the continuous development of acrylic material technology, there will be more high-quality acrylic material, to provide more quality and higher treatment of the production of materials for the signage industry.

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