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Acrylic mirror - advertising logo 01

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Acrylic mirror - advertising logo 01


Want to make your advertising logo look good? Preferred acrylic mirror


In the production of signage, acrylic is the most common material for the plate. Acrylic has many characteristics, such as good light transmittance, chemical stability, weather resistance is also high. Acrylic material itself smooth and smooth appearance, with a high near sight aesthetic. In addition to the above characteristics, the prominent feature of acrylic in the production of signage is highly processable.

Acrylic mirror logo

1, acrylic easy coloring, white acrylic can be painted by spraying, UV, printing and other ways of coloring processing. The acrylic with dye coloring has a very good display color effect. It has good surface hardness and surface gloss.


2. Acrylic hardness is moderate, wear resistance is close to aluminum, stability is good, and it can be carved, cut and welded arbitrarily.

Goodsense Acrylic mirror logo

3, transparent acrylic light transmittance in more than 92%, soft light, clear vision. It can be either thermal forming or mechanical processing.

Goodsense Acrylic mirror

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