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Take you to know acrylic double-sided mirror

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Acrylic double-sided mirror, popularly speaking, is an acrylic mirror with mirror effect on both sides. So how does it achieve mirror effect on both sides? At present, there are two kinds of acrylic double-sided mirrors:

The first is to stick two acrylic single-sided mirrors together with double-sided tape or glue, so as to make a double-sided mirror. The advantage of this method is that it can make double-sided mirrors that are completely irrelevant to both sides, and can also choose different materials (PMMA, PC, PVC, etc.) according to the application scenario. This kind of double-sided mirror also has some limitations. Because the glue or double-sided adhesive used for pasting will fail under certain conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure, etc.), the double-sided mirror will peel off.

Acrylic double-sided mirrorAcrylic double-sided mirror

The other is a single acrylic double-sided mirror. The principle is the same as that of a single-sided mirror. A layer of metal mirror coating is plated on the transparent acrylic plate, but unlike ordinary mirrors, the mirror coating is not protected by back paint, and only a layer of transparent protective film is pasted on the coating. In this way, the effect of double-sided mirror can be made. The double-sided mirror made by this method is a natural one. However, this kind of double-sided mirror is mostly used without being touched, because touch will damage the protective film and coating, resulting in the damage of the mirror.

Goodsense Acrylic double-sided mirror

This double-sided mirror is divided into two mirrors. We become the first surface and the second surface (as shown in the figure). Generally, the first surface is attached with a protective film when in use, and the light is directly reflected from the reflecting surface; The second surface has no protective film when in use, but the light needs to pass through the transparent plate itself before reflection. As long as an object is used to touch the mirror itself, whether it is the first surface or the second surface can be determined according to whether there is a distance between the mirror and the object itself.

 perspex mirror

Acrylic double-sided mirror is mainly used for identification, decoration, advertising, toys and so on.

acrylic mirrors application Goodsense acrylic mirrorGoodsense acrylic mirror application

Goodsense acrylic mirror application perspex mirroracrylic mirror

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