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Goodsense Clear MIRROR Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet

PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) is the homo-polymers or copolymers of PMMA. Acrylic sheet is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. Acrylic Mirror is a high quality plastic mirror sheet with tough protective back coating, which protects against scratching during fabrication. It is a continuously processed product which exhibits outstanding optical properties, uniform thickness and a low stress level. Polystyrene sheet is a lightweight, weather resistant thermal plastic. The durability of this sheet makes it virtually scratch-resistant during fabrication.
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Product Description


Product Name Goodsense Acrylic Mirror
Brand Goodsense
Material Acrylic
Size 100*150mm, 1220*2440 mm (can be customized)
Thickness 1~8 mm (can be customized)





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1. Q: What’s the different with Acrylic Mirror and Glass Mirror?

A: Compared with glass mirror, acrylic mirror is more light in weight and uneasy to be broken. Besides, the impact strength of acrylic mirror is around 17 times greater than glass mirror in equal sheet thickness, but only half weight of glass mirror.

2. Q: Can acrylic mirror replace glass mirror?

A: Generally, the image of acrylic mirror is as same as glass mirror. However, it does not have the rigidity of glass mirror and some distortion may be exaggerated when using large pieces. It’s not a manufacturing fault but an inherent characteristic of the material. Correct installation and sufficient material thickness can reduce visual distortion but it will not be completely eliminated. To get a better using experience, please contact with us before place an order.


3. Q: Is acrylic mirror anti-scratch?

A: Acrylic mirror does not have the rigidity of glass mirror. We manufacture with the industry’s toughest protective back-coating (can reach 4H level), which helps to protect the acrylic mirror against scratching during general use and preparation. Please noted, do not use sharp objects to remove the masking.


4. Q: How to clean an acrylic mirror?

A: Use a mild dish soap, water and a soft cloth to wipe the surface, apply only light pressure. To remove grease, oil, or tar deposits on the material, use hexane, kerosene or aliphatic naptha to remove them. When cleaning, do not move the panel randomly.



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