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Goodsense Aluminum Core Composite Panel

Aluminum Core Composite Panel glossy series looks more birghter than normal series.IT also can made the color like red, blue,yellow,black,purple,green,orange,gray,white,silver,golden and so on. Aluminum Core Composite Panel Normal Series are widely use in Building exterior curtain walls,Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings,Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies,Shop door decorations,Advertisement board display platforms and signboards,Wall boards and ceilings for tunnels,Industrial materials, materials for vehicles and boats and etc.Aluminum Core Composite Panel glossy series have the light weight with 4.5kg/m2,light weight can reduce the weight of the building.Aluminum Core Composite Panel glossy series Also meeting with the requirement of fire resistance up to A2 grade.


ACCP specifications

Standard size: 1220x2440mm (can be customized)

Thickness: 4mm

Weight: 4.0kg / m2 (4mm)

ACCP Features

1. The surface layer can be processed with rich colors, and the fluorocarbon coating can be guaranteed for 15 years

2. It is the metal decorative material with the lightest weight per unit area of the same type of material in the market, only 4.0KG/m2

3. High performance as aluminum honeycomb panel, affordable cost than aluminum solid panel

4. Pure metal material structure, 100% pure aluminum meets A2 level fire protection standard, fireproof decorative building materials are preferred

5. Lightweight material and special reinforced structure compound, it is safer to use on hanging surface or plane decoration

6. Special reinforced structure core layer supports the surface layer, so that the flatness of the surface layer is perfect

7. Made of pure metal materials, which can be easily recycled and reused without pollution to the environment, making the planet healthier

8. Light, thin, strong, fireproof and easy to process

9. A variety of processing methods such as grooving and folding are widely used





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