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Acrylic Mirror, Let Idea to Catch Shape

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acrylic mirror

Acrylic Mirror, is a general term of Plating PMMA Sheet, can be divided into Single Sided Mirror, Double Sided Mirror and Two Way Mirror.

Acrylic Mirror is light in weight, competitive in price and easy to shape.

Introduction of PMMA Mirror

acrylic mirror

Better Mirror, Better Life.

Acrylic Mirror, a general term of plating PMMA, is made of PMMA. Plastic Mirror is light in weight, difficult to break, easy to shape and color. It's more and more popular by designers & customers and has become a mature technology in production.

Why you choose Acrylic Mirror?

1.Acrylic Sheet is a thermoplastic, has excellent plasticity and beautiful appearance.

2.We can see Acrylic Sheet has a wide range of applications in construction, furniture and sanitary ware because it shows well in transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy shaping and color, exquisite in appearance.

3.Acrylic and methyl acrylic chemicals collectively known as Arylics, so they are uneasy to distinguish。

Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirror advertising signs

Acrylic Mirror can be use for signage, billboard and laser markings and etc.

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