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What is Aluminum Composite Panel?

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Aluminium composite panel, also known as ACP, is a premium building material composed of two thin layers of aluminium and a core material that is usually made of polyethylene (PE) or mineral-filled material. Its eye-catching colors, light weight, flexible sizes, convenient installation, heat insulation, fire protection arouse many customers' interest.

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 Appearance: The surfaces of aluminium composite panels have anodized finish and a wide range of colors.



Performance: ACP has excellent weather resistance properties and can withstand extreme climates and weather conditions. It also has great strength and durability.


Features: ACP offers good visual appeal, dimensional stability, impact resistance, and thermal insulation. It also has low maintenance costs and is easy to clean.


Advantages: Aluminium composite panels are lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install. They are also weather-resistant, have good heat insulation, and fire protection.


Disadvantages: One disadvantage of ACP is that it can easily be scratched and dented. It is also not suitable for direct contact with food and water, so it should not be used in areas where there is potential for contact with food or water.


Overall, aluminium composite panel is a great building material with many advantages and few disadvantages. It is perfect for a range of applications, from residential building facades to cladding on commercial buildings.

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