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The 126th Canton Fair from Oct 15-19,2019

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The 126th Canton Fair from Oct 15-19,2019


Goodsense Group Shot

Our new building materials (Acrylic mirror/Plexiglass/Perspex Sheet)

was be launched in this exhibition.

Acrylic is safer, flexible, unbreakable, cost effective and can be moulded in different shapes based on the requirement. 

It can be tinted, coloured, mirrored and can be made opaque. Different Coatings can be applied on the sheet making it scratch resistance, glare reduction, 

anti-fogging, and solar reflective.




Large Booth No. : 10.2 Pavilion i33-i36, j13-j16 

Small Booth No. : 10.2 Pavilion i29-i30

Exhibition time: October 15 -19.2019

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