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Goodsense │ Guide for Canton Fair Buyers & Exhibitors

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The 130th Canton Fair will be held from Oct.15 to 19th. As a vital step to promote trade in the face of COVID-19, we need to hand over our physical condition for at least 14 days(CONTINUOUSLY) via WeChat Mini Program called 'Sui Kang'.

How to hand over it?

1.Open WeChat → search 'Sui Kang'→ Click‘Canton Fair Zone’


acrylic mirror

2.Commitment (Required)

Goodsense acrylic mirror

3.Upload the Vaccination Record (Required)

Acrylic Mirror

!!! Must Be FULLY VACCINATE or disqualified to participate the fair

4.Hand over Physical Condition EVERY DAY

Acrylic Mirror

Must hand over your health information via WeChat Mini Program, 'Sui Kang' before you get your IC Card. 

To pass through the exhibition, we need 

1. valid IC Card.

2. health code (Green, positioning to Guangzhou)

3. fully VACCINATED at least 14 days ago befor you participate the fair.

4. Sign your name on the Health Commitment.

The health code and the information that you hand over to the Canton Fair will dock in a real time. 

Oct.15, 2021.

Goodsense warmly welcome you to our booth, see you then.

Booth No. 


1.1 J06-07

1.2 L36-38  M09-11

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