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Canton Fair | Unveiling a New Era of International Trade

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Canton Fair | Unveiling a New Era of International Trade

On October 15th, the 134th Canton Fair officially kicked off in Guangzhou. It's understood that the scale of this edition of the Canton Fair has expanded once again from its previous iteration, reaching a new zenith. The specifics are as follows:


1. Exhibition Scale and Features

The current Canton Fair has achieved a new high in its scale, with the total exhibition area expanding to 1.55 million square meters, an increase of 50,000 square meters compared to the last session. The total number of booths has reached 74,000, almost 4,600 more than before, with 72,000 dedicated to export and 1,550 to import exhibitions. According to non-duplicate statistics across different phases and zones, the number of participating companies has risen to 28,533, an increase of 3,135 from the previous session. Among these, 27,883 companies are part of the export exhibition, and 650 are part of the import exhibition, originating from 43 countries and regions. Companies from the "Belt and Road" nations account for 60% of the participants. As of 5 PM on the 15th, over 50,000 overseas purchasers have attended the exhibition.


 2. Zone Innovation and Optimization

To better align with global trade development trends and demands, the Canton Fair has expanded its exhibition themes to include new energy vehicles and smart mobility, new materials, and chemical products, showcasing China's innovative achievements and technical strength in these fields. Simultaneously, to enhance the level of professionalism, some exhibition zones have had their schedules adjusted; for instance, the Building Materials and Sanitary & Bath zones have been moved to the phase 2, while Toys, Maternity, Baby & Children's Products, and other five zones have been shifted to the third phase.


3. Service Guarantee Optimization

In a bid to enhance accessibility, 237 certification centers have been established across exhibition halls, hotels, and airports, marking an increase of 140 from the last session. 24-hour on-site certification commenced on October 12th, allowing overseas buyers to conveniently obtain their certifications upon arrival at the airport or hotel. Efforts have been ramped up to ease traffic congestion, with increased subway and bus capacities, improved emergency transit measures, and additional guiding signage to facilitate smoother transit for exhibitors and purchasers.


4.Goodsense Exhibition

The Canton Fair is organized into three phases: the first phase (October 15th to 19th), the second phase (October 23rd to 27th), and the third phase (October 31st to November 4th). Each phase is interspersed with a designated time for booth dismantling and setup, providing ample time and space for exhibitors and purchasers. Goodsense will make 2 appearances at the Canton Fair, with the dates and booth numbers provided below. Warmly welcome to our booths. Goodsense looks forward to meeting you there; it's a date not to be missed!







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